28 March 2019
18:00 hrs.
4,500 / 4,000 / 3,500 / 3,000 / 2,000 THB

BOYZONE The legendary 90's boyband from Ireland with their romantic ballads guaranteed by many of their top of the chart songs ie. No matter what, Love me for a reason, Key to my life, Words and picture of you. Be a part of the beautiful atmosphere filled with love and memories. Keep them in your heart forever.. until we meet again. THANK YOU & GOODNIGHT.

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Godzillioniar Group Co.,Ltd.
Ticket available at Thaiticketmajor
Tel. 02-262-3456

13 September 2019
19:00 hrs.
5,000 / 3,500 / 2,800 THB

‘The 1975’ the leading rock band from England. Best known from the mega-hits like "Chocolate", "Robbers" and "Somebody Else", they joined the huge music festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella and other festivals around the world. Their second album, "I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It", has been on the top of both US and UK chart already.

Contact Event Organizer
Viji Corp Co.,Ltd.
Website: www.ticketmelon.com/VIJI/THE1975
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vijicorp

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